133 – Scotcast: Part Ten

To start with, we have nine praise poems that tell us of a mighty king of Rheged named Urien, who reigned in the 580’s and 590’s. Urien was no slouch and from the records, it appears that his kingdom stretched all the way to the Solway and he was also given the title of “Defender of Aeon” or Ayrshire… so we’re talking about a king who controlled an enormous stretch of land that included territories on both sides of the Wall.

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  1. Is there somewhere where I can read the text of the part of the Scottish chronicle you quoted on the podcast, where a female narrator is speaking of her hunter husband?

    1. It’s on one of the copies of Y Goddodin, in the margins. So you’ll probably need to get a visual copy of Y Goddodin that includes the margin doodles (and also, it’s written in Welsh). Here’s a translation, though. :)

      Dinogad’s speckled petticoat
      was made of skins of speckled stoat
      whip whip whip along
      eight times we’ll sing the song
      when your father hunted the land
      spear on shoulder, club in hand
      thus his speedy dogs he’d teach
      Giff, Gaff, catch her, catch her, fetch!
      In his coracle he’d slay
      Fish as a lion does its prey.

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