132 – Scotcast Part Nine: St. Columba and King Brude

This episode will cover the years 506 to 584 and will focus primarily upon:

King Brude (also known as King Bridie), the King the the Northern Picts … also referred to as King of Fortriu
and St. Columba, the man credited with converting the Northern Picts… and lesser known monster expert.

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  1. I really enjoyed this podcast, especially as I have just been reading a book which you and my fellow listeners might find interesting. In “Finding Arthur, Adam Ardrey attempts to prove that the legendary Arthur was a Scots man from Dalriada called Arthur Mac Aedan. Arthur Mac Aedan’s grandfather was Gabhran who the author says fought (and died in) a battle against Bridei (Brude) son of Maelchon in 558. Ardrey also goes on to say that Arthur Mac Aedan was the one who avenged his grandfather’s death by defeating Bridei. As far as is possible, I think Ardrey makes a fairly good case for Arthur Mac Aedan being the legendary “King” Arthur but he does have to make many speculations along the way but no more than any other historian or crackpot has in attempting to place Arthur in any real historical or geographical context. All-in-all an interesting and thought provoking read.

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