98 – The Zeal of Augustine

Ok, when we last left off, Augustine had become the Archbishop of England, had been given orders to make London the seat of the English Church, and had some Papal answers to some rather odd questions.

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  1. Regarding Æthelbert’s law code being written in Anglo-Saxon rather than Latin; I wonder whether this demonstrates who was talking to whom here.

    In an age where Kings were likely to be illiterate themselves and probably have little or no spoken Latin, translating oral Germanic laws into Latin to be written down and then back into Anglo-Saxon when a scholar read them to a lord, would open the way for misinterpretation or even deliberate reinterpretation of the law on the part of the scholar. By keeping it in the vernacular the law-maker is speaking more directly to the subject. This might suggest that codification was perhaps the idea of the Anglo-Saxon nobility more than of the church leaders themselves.

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