93 – Chapter Three: The Warriors of God

It has been nearly two hundred years since Rome withdrew from Britannia setting this small island at the edge of the world on a course that could not have been predicted.

Over the generations, a new culture has developed in the lands that will one day become England, and with that new culture came new gods. Gods with famous names like Thunor and Woden. Gods of war and death, to match the warrior society that now ruled over eastern Britannia.

But while the Anglo Saxons were finding a new path in this Brave New World… far to the East, in Rome, things were changing as well. Christianity had survived the fall of the Western Empire and has flourished thanks, in no small part, to an ingenious religious innovation… the concept of one true god, and an utter lack of tolerance for variations in dogma.

And now, after two centuries of separation, Rome will once more reach out and attempt to bring Britannia back under its dominion.

A ship will soon set sail, carrying within it a man who’s sole task is to bring the Anglo Saxons under the control of the church. But will the pagans listen? And what will they think of a god who is proclaimed as the prince of peace? And if they convert, how will they interpret the absolute demand for religious unity?

We have seen these people become increasingly more warlike… and one thing is certain with this new religion will come new reasons for bloodshed… as we enter BHP, Season Three… The Warriors of God.

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    1. It’s a tonal and storytelling decision. When the story hits a major shift, I switch seasons so its a bit more clear to follow. Like having chapters. For example, I’ll switch seasons when the Viking age begins.

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