91 – WelshCast Part Four: Three Kings of Wales Who Really Annoyed Gildas

Today, we’re going to talk about some of the people who were really pissing Gildas off. People that drove him so batty that he just couldn’t contain his rage. And since Gildas was Welsh, he was predictably focusing his ire upon the Welsh kings. Though, like I mentioned earlier, the term “Wales” isn’t something that would be used at this time. Right now, they’re British… and saw themselves as part of the various kingdoms that populated Wales but not of any singular political body that we’d recognize as “Wales.” But regardless, all the action takes place in the Celtic West. So needless to say, this fits right in with the WelshCast.

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      1. Kinda ironic that you’d use an explicitly pagan musical piece as the background to some serious Bible thumping.

  1. I’ll be listening to this tonight as I make my tea and am really looking forward to it (The podcast not my tea, that will be dull and uninspiring fare!)

    As for Gildas, not the kind of man you’d want to share an ale with methinks!

  2. Hi Jamie, have you had any reports of people having trouble downloading the podcasts lately? since Welshcast 2 I haven’t been able to download them, despite trying on 4 different devices. It might be that I am in China and your feed has for some reason been blocked… but I’ve tried using VPN connections from the UK, USA, and other places but still no luck. I subscribe via iTunes and the new episodes show up in the feed but just won’t download :/

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