90 – WelshCast Part Three: The Silent Treatment

As you probably remember from the main podcast, before we had the appearance of major Anglo Saxon kingdoms, there was an initial migration and invasion in the sub-Roman period, with famous Germanic leaders like Hengest, Horsa, and Aelle appearing in Kent and Sussex. But there was also a staunch British resistance to these incursions lead, in part, by a man by the name of Ambrosius Aurelianus (who might have also been known as Riothamus and might have even been the inspiration for Arthur… but only maybe, because Arthur is a bit of a mystery).

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  1. You just referenced the Venture Bros! You good sir earned a subscriber, enlisting when I get home!


  2. Whoa, Jem, the music’s contagious. Outrageous. Is there going to be an ongoing theme of obscure references generating new subscribers?

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