122 – The Concentration of Power and Wealth

Something strange has been happening in our story… and I’m going to very briefly touch upon the arrival of the Anglo Saxons simply because I want you to see how much things have changed. As you might remember, when we began on Season two, we saw Roman Britannia in collapse and the introduction of a new cultural group that was… Read more →


121 – King Oswiu: The Aftermath of the Winwaed

Now the Battle of Maserfield had established Mercia as a dominant force on the island, and specifically it had demonstrated the military prowess of Penda. It was there that King Oswald of Northumbria was killed and his kingdom was split into two separate kingdoms, each with its own king. It was there that Mercian power, which had already been growing… Read more →

battle of the winwaed

120 – Penda and Oswiu: The Winwaed

Imagine the scene… the weather had been horrendous. Torrential rains had battered the region for days. Penda and his men were tired, far from home… and they were weighted down with whatever gifts they had retained, and their forces were already weakened… and as the war was now over, perhaps some of the warbands were already marching off independently, heading… Read more →


119 – King Penda: No Posers

So we have King Penda of Mercia in a pretty powerful position… and Northumbria had been broken up into Bernicia and Deira with Oswiu ruling the former and his Nephew ruling the latter… and as for East Anglia, their King, Anna, was on the run because he was in an awkward position having offered sanctuary to the King of Wessex,… Read more →


117 – Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

Oswald was the King of Northumbria and son of AEthelfrith who was killed by Penda at Maserfield. Oswiu was his brother Osric of Deira was the King of Deira, and nephew of Edwin, who was killed by Cadwallon. and Oswine was the son of Osric… So to recap… Oswald and Oswiu are brothers and Bernician. Osric and Oswine are father… Read more →


116 – Wait… Where Are We? Part Two

This is a recap of the last approximately two years of episodes and history! For Part One (covering the first year of the show) check out “Episode 42 – Wait… Where Are We?” Here’s a direct link: http://www.thebritishhistorypodcast.com/?p=312 Since we did the last recap, a ton of stuff has happened and we’ve really gotten to know these people rather well.… Read more →


115 – Maserfield: Blood Makes The Grass Grow

Edwin, Osric, Eanfrith, Eadfrith, Cadwallon, Sigeberht, Ecgric… Following Hatfield Chase, we have seen a blood letting of the aristocracy of Anglo Saxon Britain of epic proportions. And we are only hearing about the very highest echelons… but how many Thegns, AEthlings, and minor nobles have also lost their lives in these power struggles? If the life of Edwin is indicative… Read more →