50 – The Denbighshire Hill Forts

Today we have something pretty exciting. Listener Simon put me in contact with Erin Robinson and Fiona Gale, who are currently working on archaeological sites in Denbighshire north Wales, and they were kind enough to agree to speak to me via Skype. So today we are taking a break from our middle ages cultural discussion, and instead we have an… Read more →


43 – Le Mort d’Arthur (Bonus Episode)

Today we’re going to have a reading of Le Mort d’Arthur by Thomas Mallory, Book 1 Chapters 1 through 4.  You can get a free Kindle copy of Le Mort de Arthur to read along with at Amazon.com. Friend of the show, James Cartwright, was kind enough to do the reading for us.  You can reach him at spinningturtleproductions@gmail.com. Additionally,… Read more →