113 – Religious Ambitions: The Rise of Oswald (and Others)

When we last left off, Oswald son of AEthelfrith and Acha, defeated and killed Cadwallon of Gwynedd at the battle of Heavenfield. The defeat was a serious blow for the Northern Welsh kingdom. In fact, in the praise poem written about Cadwallon, we see the first use of the term which would become the modern name for the Wales… Cymru.… Read more →


112 – The Battle of Heavenfield

The year was 633 or 634, and the tide was turning against Northumbria for the first time in as long as anyone could probably remember. AEthelfrith’s victory at the Battle of Chester was not just a problem for the Welsh, it was also a problem for Mercia because it further established Northumbria domination. And while AEthelfrith was later killed by… Read more →

111 – Edwin: What Goes Around Comes Around

That’s something I’ve heard my entire life. When I was younger and picked on at school my father would sometimes say “Don’t worry, Jamie, what goes around comes around.” The problem with that bit of advice is that it requires a sense of fairness in the world that isn’t always there… not to mention a tremendous amount of patience that… Read more →


109 – Edwin’s Ambitions

When we last left Edwin, Bishop Paulinus finally had his prize. He convinced the great King of Northumbria… the Bretwalda!… Edwin… to abandon his gods and convert to Christianity. It had been a long hard road for the Bishop. Failed assassinations, war, marriage, magical visions, and some pretty astoundingly rude arguments regarding the weather had all been brought to bear… Read more →


Members Only 46 – The History Channel’s Vikings: Part Three

Jim and I are covering episodes five and six. Thank you so much for supporting the podcast and being a part of this project! As you know, this show is entirely member supported and if it wasn’t for your support the main show wouldn’t be possible. I hope you enjoy this Member’s Only Episode, and if you have any trouble… Read more →


107 – Edwin’s Conversion

Ok, so when we left off, Bishop Paulinus thought he was about to get Edwin to convert… but then Edwin pulled a bait and switch, and said that god hadn’t jumped through enough hoops yet. And that he wanted to speak with his council and then deliberate privately before making a decision. Play in new window | Download Read more →


106 – If You Give Edwin an Inch…

Alright, so when we last left Edwin he was installed as King of Northumbria by King Raedwald, Bretwalda. And he had wielded his newly granted power to exact revenge upon King Ceretic of Elmet, probably in response to the British King poisoning Edwin’s Nephew. But for as powerful as Edwin was in the north, Raedwald was the true power in… Read more →