85 – Ceawlin and the Sons of Ida

So it’s 568. And things in what will someday become England are still chaotic. Remember what was going on up north in Bernicia? Where Ida, who was probably part of some sort of Anglian group, had taken control of Bamburgh, then he died, and then his sons started taking over for him? Well, that’s still going on. It looks like… Read more →


84 – The Q&A Episode!

We made it to 100! How awesome is that? (Well, it was the 100th episode before I combined a bunch of episodes… and now it’s the 84th episode). Podcast: Play in new window | Download Subscribe: iTunes | RSS Read more →


83 – Dark Age Warfare Combo Episode

Ok, so last time we talked about how Aethelberht of Kent invaded the kingdom of Wessex and was pushed out by Ceawlin and his army. We don’t have a lot of facts regarding that conflict, we aren’t even told why they were fighting, but we know that they were both destined to become Bretwaldas and that in the end Aethelberht… Read more →


82 – War. What Is It Good For?

So the year is 586, and Ceawlin is the leader of the men of Wessex. Wessex has been expanding their holdings to the north and the west, and have been growing in power. Conversely, in the East are the men of Kent under the leadership of AEthelbehrt, who (we are told) has been ruling since he was 8 years old.… Read more →


81 – In Search of Unity: A Tale of Selective Memory

Ok, we have a battle coming up but things are still changing rather rapidly and there’s some interesting stuff to cover regarding that, such as language, religion, culture, warfare, and that question that’s probably nagging you at the back of your head… if we have wealthy powerful kings in England, why don’t we have anything resembling a Roman empire… or… Read more →


80 – Bloodletting

Ok, when we left off, Ida had become king of Bernicia and we had the beginnings of regional cultural groups. These groups were the result of a whole host of influences including everything from geographical features, to political decisions, to things as simple as wealth and a sense of cool. But the point is that we have gone from an… Read more →


79 – Saint Patrick’s Day Special

Saint Patrick’s Day is coming up and I thought you might want to know a bit about the man (or at least the myth of the man) behind the holiday. I hope you all have a fun and safe Saint Patrick’s Day! Podcast: Play in new window | Download Subscribe: iTunes | RSS Read more →


78 – It’s Only Natural

Ok, so I’m going to wrap up the discussion of the development of regional cultures with a talk on an omnipresent (yet often ignored) influence on all of human development. This subject is often ignored in most disciplines, and it is definitely undervalued (unfairly) in many treatises on history. I speak, of course, of Nature. Sure, you can push back… Read more →


76 – Developing Class

Today we start with a death. Wihtgar, brother of beloved Stuff, warrior, conqueror of Cerdic’s-Ore, and ruler of the Isle of Wight died in 544. Or did he? There’s a funny thing about dying.  You have to be alive first.  And there’s an argument that Wihtgar might be a mythical character and was created after the fact to establish a… Read more →