88 – WelshCast Part One: From the Stone Ages to the Withdrawal of Rome

Ever since I did the Scotcast I’ve been receiving messages on facebook, on twitter, on the forums, and I’ve even been getting personal emails asking for more about Wales. And my response has always been the same, I’ll do it but not yet. Well, I think that right now will be the best time to get that ball rolling. Why?… Read more →


86 – The Fall of Ceawlin… and others

Ok, from the title you might have gathered that we’re going to be talking about Ceawlin today.  Now from all this discussion of various anglo saxon leaders, you might have noticed that while I’ve been saying Cynric, Cerdic, and Ceawlin… with C being a CH sound… we also have this Cutha fellow in Wessex, and Creoda in Mercia.  And there… Read more →


81 – In Search of Unity: A Tale of Selective Memory

Ok, we have a battle coming up but things are still changing rather rapidly and there’s some interesting stuff to cover regarding that, such as language, religion, culture, warfare, and that question that’s probably nagging you at the back of your head… if we have wealthy powerful kings in England, why don’t we have anything resembling a Roman empire… or… Read more →