92 – WelshCast Part Five: More People that Gildas Hated

Alright, so we have two more kings of Wales before we leave Gildas and his spittle flecked rantings. And something that you might notice as we go forward is that we don’t haven’t been provided a Tyrant of Powys nor are any of the Eastern Kingdoms listed. Sure, we don’t know where Aurelias Conanus ruled, but there’s not affirmative statement… Read more →


91 – WelshCast Part Four: Three Kings of Wales Who Really Annoyed Gildas

Today, we’re going to talk about some of the people who were really pissing Gildas off. People that drove him so batty that he just couldn’t contain his rage. And since Gildas was Welsh, he was predictably focusing his ire upon the Welsh kings. Though, like I mentioned earlier, the term “Wales” isn’t something that would be used at this… Read more →


90 – WelshCast Part Three: The Silent Treatment

As you probably remember from the main podcast, before we had the appearance of major Anglo Saxon kingdoms, there was an initial migration and invasion in the sub-Roman period, with famous Germanic leaders like Hengest, Horsa, and Aelle appearing in Kent and Sussex. But there was also a staunch British resistance to these incursions lead, in part, by a man… Read more →


89 – WelshCast Part Two: All The Comforts of Rome (well… some of them)

We’re now at the point where Rome has withdrawn from Britannia (and more important to our story, from Wales), and today we’re going to talk about the impact that had upon the people. I can guess what you’re thinking. Who cares that Rome withdrew? Their legacy was violence and subjugation, their accomplishments were a pale reflection of the Greeks from… Read more →


88 – WelshCast Part One: From the Stone Ages to the Withdrawal of Rome

Ever since I did the Scotcast I’ve been receiving messages on facebook, on twitter, on the forums, and I’ve even been getting personal emails asking for more about Wales. And my response has always been the same, I’ll do it but not yet. Well, I think that right now will be the best time to get that ball rolling. Why?… Read more →


86 – The Fall of Ceawlin… and others

Ok, from the title you might have gathered that we’re going to be talking about Ceawlin today.  Now from all this discussion of various anglo saxon leaders, you might have noticed that while I’ve been saying Cynric, Cerdic, and Ceawlin… with C being a CH sound… we also have this Cutha fellow in Wessex, and Creoda in Mercia.  And there… Read more →