Roman Britannia


7 – The Claudian Invasion of Britannia

This episode covers the invasion of Britannia in 42 CE by emperor Claudius. The major characters we’ll be talking about today are… Emperor Claudius – Emperor of Rome and man in need of a serious PR campaign. Aulus Plautius – His General, and the man tasked with invading Britannia. Vespasian – Leader of the Second Legion and future Emperor of… Read more →


8 – Caractacus, the Home-Wrecker

Caractacus’ rebellion leads to a nasty divorce, and Claudius marries a woman who’s killed at least one prior husband (a rookie mistake). This episode will cover the years 42 to 54 CE The main characters will be… Caractacus, leader of the British resistance and exiled king of the Catuvellauni. Aulus Plautius, the general who took Britannia for Emperor Claudius Publius… Read more →


9 – Suetonius, Part-Time Mountain-Climber and Full-Time Jerk.

We’re going to discuss Didius, Suetonius, Cartimandua, and Romanization as we set up our next topic… Boudica! This episode covers the years 54 CE to 60 CE and the major characters are… Cartimandua, Queen of the Brigantes and unhappy wife Venutius, King of the Brigantes and unhappy Husband and Gaius Suetonius Paulinus, governor of Britannia… and probably unhappy as well.… Read more →

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11 – Boudica’s Rebellion, Part Two

Here’s the exciting conclusion of Boudica’s Rebellion. Additionally, as a side note, I have rerecorded the first 4 podcasts (the Introduction episode through Island Part Two) and I hope to rerecord Part 3 sometime soon. So they should have significantly better sound quality etc! Enjoy! Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: iTunes | Android | RSS Read more →