Pre-Roman Britannia


4 – The Island at the Edge of the World – Part 2

This episode covers 55 BCE and centers around Julius Caesar’s first invasion of Britannia. Caesar is in Britannia with the Seventh and Tenth Legions, has fought a single battle, and has subsequently received the surrender of the surrounding tribes. But basically after that first landing battle, the Brits had had enough. This cold and eerily silent group of foreigners were… Read more →


5 – The Island at the Edge of the World – Part 3

This episode covers 54 BCE and the major characters are… Julius Caesar… veteran invader of Britannia, friend of Brutus, and (spoiler alert) he was also a rather famous senatorial pin cushion. Cassivellaunus… leader of the Britons, all around tough dude… and almost certainly not called “cassivellaunus” but the romans were famously bad at translating non-Latin names into Latin. So we’ll… Read more →


6 – The Heir of Caligula and the Son of Commius

We are rocking through about 100 years of history… from about 54 BCE to 42 CE, and we will cover the events that eventually lead to the Roman Occupation of Britannia. The major characters of this episode will be…. Octavius Augustus – the First Emperor of Rome Caligula – one of Rome’s more colorful Emperors. Cassius Chaerea – The Commander… Read more →