42 – Wait, Where Are We? A summary of the history of Britain so far.

Ok, today I realized that we have been doing this for nearly a year. Can you believe that? Nearly a year! And in that, we've gone from 16,000 BCE to 410 CE. (Podcaster's note here, I'm going to stop using BC and AD because, well, they're never used anymore and it was just a force of habit from those years of catholic school I occasionally refer to... so anyway, I’ll be using BCE and CE!).

Anyway, I was thinking about it and I suspect that throughout all the stories and henges and whatnot we might have lost the forest for the trees. And we're at a distinct period in history where the island is going to move in a new direction. So I think that even though we're not yet at the one year mark, now is probably the best time to do a recap of what we've covered. A sort of lightening review or historical blitzkrieg to help you put everything in context and see the full flow of the story that I've been telling you for the last almost 12 months. But keep in mind, this is a bare bones review and assumes you already know the stories and context, so I’m just giving you the raw events. So if you're new to this, you should probably listen to the podcast since this is unlike every other episode I’ve done. Typically, the episodes are story driven, but this one is going to be much more like a classroom review to remind you of everything we’ve spoken about over the last nearly a year.

So I think this will be our first “Wait... where are we?” episode.

So lets do this!

We start at 16,000 BCE (and for sake of ease, and so I don’t annoy you by constantly saying BCE, lets just agree that all the dates are BCE until I tell you that they’re in the CE era). Ok, everything for us started at 16,000 when we had the peak of the ice ages and big ice domes were weighing down entire contents! It was cold, but things started to warm up and by 11,500 vegetation and animals started to return to Britannia. Though they still tended to be pretty big, and was the last gasp of our friends, the giant deer! But this warm giant fauna era it didn't last long and by 9,400, the vegetation and animals generally buggered off because there was a cold snap and everything went all frigid until about 8,000. But this time, as things were warming up, the land was rising up as the weight was lifted off it (the ice was melting, and ice is heavy... though the sea levels were also rising because, yep you guessed it, the ice was melting). Anyway, nearly 1,000 later, in 7,150 Cheddar Man appears (as do his potentially hungry neighbors). In the middle 6,000's we start to see settlements in the Hebrides. At about 5840 there was a huge tidal wave in the North Sea and that, along with erosion and tidal changes, lead to the eventual destruction of the marshy land bridge that some people have called Doggerland that connected Britannia to the mainland.

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  1. Ian Anderson
    June 27, 2012 at 9:57 am

    I have just down-loaded and listened to a couple of podcasts – Excellent and thank you. However, I cannot find an index. The podcasts are listed alphabetically rather than by episode number, so I am struggling to follow in a chronological manner. Where can I find a chronolgical list by episode/time?
    Thank you
    Ian Anderson

    • June 27, 2012 at 10:47 am

      They should appear in chronological order when you download them from the site, as they’re listed on the RSS in order. The oldest one is the also the earliest one. Are you using a program to get the show (such as iTunes) or are you getting them manually?

      One thing you might want to try doing is going directly do the RSS feed, since that’s in reverse order and everything is listed there. Here’s the link. http://feeds.feedburner.com/TheBritishHistoryPodcast

      You can also go to iTunes and download the show through there and it will put everything in date order for you. You just use their store page, search for ‘the british history podcast’, find my show, and subscribe (it’s free). Then go to the “podcast” section of your library and select The British History Podcast and click the Get All Episodes button. That should download everything for you and have it on your computer for you in order.

      Please feel free to write back here or email me directly if you need any assistance. Thanks for listening!

  2. harry
    February 7, 2014 at 11:51 am

    I cant seem to find podcast number 41. Brilliant podcasts by the way

    • February 7, 2014 at 11:54 am

      How are you listening to the show? If you’re only clicking on “storyline” or “culture” or something like that, there will be episodes that get skipped because it’s filtering them out. If you’re using iTunes or something and it isn’t showing up, that’s a big problem with the site’s code so please let me know. Anyway, here is a direct link. :)


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