29 – An End to Prosperity

Our luck could only hold out so long. And now Britannia is getting a taste of what the rest of the Empire had already come to know.

Here's a bust of Constantius II.

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Alright, so Constantine was the sole emperor in 324, Christianity was no longer outlawed and in fact it was now getting pushed pretty hard, and Britannia received a bit of TLC from the Emperor given his close ties to the island. Oh yeah, Constantine lavished attention upon Britannia, and why shouldn’t he? Many of the provinces that were the sites of his success were singled out for special treatment, and Britannia had certainly earned that. So we’re starting to see a boom in prosperity on the island.

And of course, there was an economic boom for Constantine and those he personally favored as well. Constantine was seizing temple property, instituting new taxation laws, and confiscating property from the defeated rival emperors and their supporters. He was rich... hell, he made the 1% look downright poor. And he was using that wealth to, among other things, raise some of his allies up to the level of capital required for them to be in the Senatorial class. It was great for his allies, and it certainly helped Constantine consolidate his power. But this wasn’t necessarily a good thing for Rome since we continue to see an ever increasing concentration of wealth amongst a small group of individuals, many of whom were exempt from taxes either due to their rank or by (yep, you guessed it) becoming ordained in the Church. Needless to say, conversion amongst the upper classes was a rather popular choice. And as a result, the wealth wasn’t trickling down, so to speak. But conversions were trickling... up? Can things trickle up? Well, whatever the word if it, conversions were becoming popular amongst the upper classes.

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