76 – Developing Class

Today we start with a death.

Wihtgar, brother of beloved Stuff, warrior, conqueror of Cerdic’s-Ore, and ruler of the Isle of Wight died in 544.

Or did he?

There’s a funny thing about dying.  You have to be alive first.  And there’s an argument that Wihtgar might be a mythical character and was created after the fact to establish a ruling dynasty for the Wihtwara, the Men of Wight.  It’s something that we might never know for certain.

But at least according to the Chronicle, Wihtgar died.  Presumably someone took over… maybe it was Stuff?  Maybe Wihtgar had some kids?  Or maybe it went to someone else.  We can’t be sure because the rulers of Wight are left unmentioned for over 100 years following Wihtgar.

And while extreme longevity is quite unlikely, I like the idea that the entire period was filled by Stuff.  So that’s what’s going on in the far south.  Stuff.  But largely unknown stuff.

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